Luxury Wine

Monte blanco

Crispy, fresh and fruity verdejo from this respected bodega. Hints of fresh grass and herbes. Good body and byte keep beauty exciting. 


The special flavor of monte blanco

Deep red and brilliant color with oinkish relections. its very fruity in the nose, with touches of black berries and currant. Pleasant and vivacious mouth entry, light body with diffused tannins at the end of the mouth.


Extraction and storage

Traditional pump over techniques to respect the fruit natural properties and stored in stainless steel tanks.

PAIRING: Light cheese, pastas and white meats.


outstanding flavor & body

% 0
Alcohol content
+ 0
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# 50
Choice of Luxury wine

Made from grapes selected from privileged vineyards at the foothills of the andes mountain range


buy & enjoy with friends

With a unique taste that even bacchus and dionysus would recommend it